Let us give you the smile you always wanted. We specialize in beautiful smiles. Creating Beautiful Smiles Let us give you the smile you always wanted We specialize in beautiful smiles. Creating Beautiful Smiles Let us give you the smile you always wanted We specialize in beautiful smiles.



Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. Surveys conducted by reputed cosmetic dentistry organizations say many Americans agree that a beautiful smile can have a remarkable effect on career growth. With people becoming more cautious about their smile, there are several developments taking place in cosmetic dentistry field to address the needs. Tooth whitening is a widely preferred cosmetic dentistry treatment today. It is affordable, quick and safe when it is done at a dental office. If you are a resident of Cheshire, Wallingford or Hamden city, make an appointment and visit our dental office for our Iveri Whitening consultation. Our experienced dentist Dr. Ross A Kaplan recommends the best solutions for the esthetic needs of your smile.

The color of your teeth and tooth whitening

The natural color of teeth varies from one person to another. The color shades can be broadly classified into four types which are reddish brown, reddish yellow, gray and reddish gray. Based on genetics, thickness of enamel, oral hygiene and general health, the color shade may be different for every person. Tooth whitening procedures can help clear stain and brighten the teeth. The extent to which the color shade improves depends on the thickness of enamel and oral health of the patient. Following are few causes for tooth discoloration.

  • Smoking
  • Heavy consumption of dark-colored fluids like coffee, tea, cola and wine
  • Medicines like tetracycline
  • Aging

Iveri Tooth whitening – The way we do it at Hamden, CT

There can be several causes for discoloration of teeth. Dr. Kaplan firstly performs a thorough check of teeth to look for signs of decay. Tooth decay may be an unfavorable condition to perform tooth whitening. Therefore the decay is treated first. Pictures of teeth are taken and the color shade is gauged using a shade scale. This can help us compare the changes in color before and after treatment.

Iveri tooth whitening solution has whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The whitening gel can enter the porous enamel layer and undergo oxidation to clear stain. Firstly we apply a protective Vitamin E oil over gums. A whitening tray containing the gel is placed over teeth. A special LED light is used to increase the speed of the whitening process. It may take about 20 minutes for the Iveri whitening process to complete. Since the process takes place in our fully-equipped office by a professional team, it is completely safe and the results too are brilliant

Most Frequently asked Questions on Teeth whitening

Sensitivity for your tooth after teeth whitening is temporary i.e., it will be there for a couple of days after the treatments. But with help of certain procedures, you can alleviate sensitivity by using sensitive toothpaste and eating less hot/ cold foods. If it does not stop even after a couple of days, then the sensitivity may be the root of the tooth and requires the certain process to fix sensitivity issues.

Professional teeth whitening process by an expert Dr. Ross Kaplan cosmetic dentist follows perfect whitening treatment and reduces the chances of tooth sensitivity. But the unprofessional teeth whitening/bleaching kit makes your tooth sensitive for a long run.

People those who are having the stained teeth are the right candidates for teeth whitening. The candidate can either go for single or complete teeth whitening procedure depending upon the requirement of the candidate. It requires frequent visits every week to get complete whitening procedure but only in few cases, it is done at first dental visit.

A Teeth whitening is a simple process and most commonly used worldwide. But before proceeding with the teeth whitening process, it is better to have an opinion from the cosmetic dentist that you are eligible or not for the treatment.

To know more information about teeth whitening at Cheshire/Wallingford - Hamden CT, Call Dr. Ross A Kaplan +1 203-281-3700 and schedule an appointment

A professional teeth whitening last between 6 months and 2 years. After getting the teeth whitening treatment, it is advised to keep your mouth hygiene should avoid staining foods and drinks like Black tea and coffee, White wine and red wine, Sports drinks, Carbonated beverages, Berries and Sauces and smoking too.

Along with the whitening treatment and avoiding stain causing foods, it is important to regularly maintain oral hygiene to get an effective whitening result and stay for the long run. So regularly follow hygiene methods as prescribed by the cosmetic dentist at Cheshire and Wallingford CT.

Yes, teeth whitening have been proved to be the secure way to whiten your teeth from many researchers. First the dentist must protect the lips and gums before applying the whitening treatment. Otherwise, it can damage gums and teeth which lead to sensitivity and receding gums in future.

Nowadays, teeth bleaching are a common method to get white and healthy smile. But before getting this treatment, candidate should go for dental checkup for any oral health issue. To know more information about teeth whitening treatment at Cheshire and Wallingford CT, Call Dr. Ross A. Kaplan 203-281-3700 and book an appointment.

Teeth whitening have little or no effect on restorative materials which include porcelain or crowns. It may reduce the bondage between the restorative and the tooth. The whitening treatment is only used for natural teeth but not on the artificial tooth material. Otherwise, it can damage artificial tooth and makes it completely weaker.

Before proceeding with the treatment, it is recommended to have an opinion from the dentist and its effects on artificial tooth material.

Some of the benefits of teeth whitening are:

  • Whitening teeth improves self-confidence and esteem
  • Makes you look younger
  • It improves your oral health
  • Quick and comfortable treatment
  • It shows long-lasting results if the whitening procedure is taken at regular interval
  • Enhances your teeth appearance
  • Does not damage your teeth
  • It is an affordable treatment
  • Aesthetically gives attractive smile

Although teeth whitening is a simple procedure, only a professional dental team can carry out the treatment process. During the initial consultation, we will discuss the treatment and understand your present dental condition that you are suitable or not for teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental process that dentist uses bleach or hydrogen peroxide to make your teeth whiter and aesthetically improve your smile. It removes stains and discoloration from teeth surface to restore your smile.

Many people think that teeth whitening causes sensitivity and loss of enamel. But with special dental care and use of sensitivity toothpaste, there are fewer side effects and can be restored within few weeks. So it is completely safe to use the teeth whitening treatment. Consult us for an oral health checkup before proceeding with the treatment

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