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Root Canal Treatment Hamden Connecticut

Root Canal Treatment Hamden

Root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth's pulp, a small, thread-like tissue in the center of the tooth. Once the damaged, diseased or dead pulp is removed, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. This procedure seals off the root canal, avoiding an infection(abscess or collection of pus) to develop in the surrounding bone and tissues.

The most common causes of pulp damage or death are:

  • A cracked tooth
  • A deep cavity
  • An injury or trauma to a tooth, such as a sports injury to the face, or a fall.

How is a Root Canal Done?

Root canal treatment consists of several steps that take place over several office visits, depending on the situation. These steps are:

  • First, an opening is made through the back the diseased or broken tooth.
  • After the diseased pulp is removed the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped in preparation for being filled.
  • The pulp chamber and root canal permanently filled. A tapered, rubbery material called gutta-percha is inserted into each of the canals and is often sealed into place with cement.
  • In the final step, a crown is usually placed over the tooth to restore its natural shape and appearance. If the tooth is very broken down, a post and core material(a reinforced filling) may be required to build it up prior to placing a crown.

Most Frequently asked Questions on Root Canals

  • Deep cavity
  • Cracked tooth
  • Damaged tooth
  • Severe injury to the tooth (it can’t be seen with the naked eye)
  • Severe toothache pain when chewing or applying pressure to the affected tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity due to hot or cold
  • Pain to heat or cold temperatures
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums
  • Small pimple on the gum near the area where teeth pains
  • Dental visits depend on the tooth which needs to be treated. If the treatment is for a front tooth, then it can be done in a single visit since it has only one canal and if the treatment is needed for back tooth, then it takes 3 - 5 visits since they are having multiple canals. If the tooth is curved or complicated then it takes more than the usual visits.
    A Pulpectomy should be done when the nerves or the pulp of the tooth is infected. While performing the treatment, the pulp will be removed completely from the crowns and the root of the tooth. After clearing the pulp or cleaning canals, it must be treated and medicated. After medication, it needs to fill with a filling material and a crown should be placed over the tooth to make the tooth stronger and making them to look natural and functions as other tooth.
    Root canal therapy is usually simplified to a root canal,both are identical. Root canal therapy care is also sometimes referred to as RCT

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