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Dental Implant Crowns North Haven CT

Dental Implants North Haven CT

Tooth loss can be very harmful to your oral health and your smile. The gap created by tooth loss attracts a number of dental problems which can have long-lasting consequences. One of the most notable among such dental problems is the loss of supporting bone structure. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone starts to shrink because of lack of stimulation. The process is irreversible. The teeth nearby tend to shift positions because of imbalance in the dentition. When a number of teeth are missing, you may lose confidence to chew hard food items. Dental implants are one of the teeth restorations developed as a solution to teeth loss. The restoration replaces the lost tooth root and acts as a foundation to the dental crown which takes up the functions of the natural tooth crown. Our team has worked towards creating healthier communities by offering comprehensive dental care. Implant crowns are one of our prime restorations solutions. Dr. Kaplan performs dental implant surgeries at our Hamden office. The restoration has helped us create healthy smiles for our valuable patients who visit us from Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire, Wallingford CT and surrounding communities. Make an appointment and meet our dentist to know more about implant crowns.

Implant crowns – What it takes to get one?

Any person who has lost a tooth can get an implant crown. The main requirement for the restoration is a healthy supporting bone. Bone augmentation can be performed if the supporting bone does not have sufficient length or breadth. Apart from this concern, our dentist may make a note of medical history and dental history of the patient. Poorly controlled diabetes is one condition that may raise concerns. The condition can prolong the healing period of dental implant and hence the restoration time. Patients who are undergoing radiation therapy in the head and neck region may also have to be thoroughly evaluated before confirming the suitability of the restoration.

What are the benefits of implant crowns at Ross A. Kaplan D.M.D., P.C.?

There are a number of benefits for implant crowns over other forms of tooth replacement such as dental bridges and dentures. The implant is basically a replacement for tooth root. Although the procedure is slightly expensive when compared to other tooth replacement methods, the implant crowns can definitely create wonders for patients.

  • They do not require the teeth nearby to be reduced in size.
  • They protect the jaw bone by preventing it from shrinking.
  • The implant forms a strong bond with jaw bone which gives the tooth higher strength and stability.
  • Orthodontic problems which can be caused by tooth loss is prevented.
  • The tooth feels and looks very natural.
  • The treatment has high success rate.
  • The implanted tooth can be cleaned just like a natural tooth.
  • Implant crowns normally do not cause any complications and can last a lifetime.

Implant crown – Restoration procedure

The restoration is a two phase process and can be performed at our well-equipped office. We use local anesthesia to numb the implant site. Patients are made to feel comfortable and relaxed. An incision is made in the gums and a bony recess is created in the supporting bone using dental drills of varying dimensions. The implant is torqued in planned position and the gums are sutured back. The implant site is left to heal for next few months. Our dentist recommends pain medicines for first few days. The implant heals in about 3-6 months and bonds with the supporting bone. During the second phase, our dentist removes some amount of soft gum tissues to access the implant head and fixes an abutment over it. A dental crown is fabricated in the lab using impressions of teeth. The crown is checked for fit and bonded over the abutment. Our dentist explains the patient about how to maintain oral hygiene. With proper care, the implant crown can last for several years.


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