Let us give you the smile you always wanted. We specialize in beautiful smiles. Creating Beautiful Smiles Let us give you the smile you always wanted We specialize in beautiful smiles. Creating Beautiful Smiles Let us give you the smile you always wanted We specialize in beautiful smiles.



Your smile is an ornament that is worth taking care of. When teeth are crooked, the smile becomes less interesting which can lower your confidence. Orthodontic treatments are aimed at improving the alignment of teeth and hence the bite. An advanced orthodontic solution for crooked teeth is our Simpli5 system of aligners. Our system has a series of clear aligners that are designed to move teeth and improve alignment. Mild crowding and misalignment can be treated using this orthodontic system. It is one of the dental services we offer at our Hamden office. Patients who visit us from Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire, Wallingford CT and surrounding communities have been delighted to undergo orthodontic treatment using these aligners since they are simple to wear and it takes only a few months for smile correction. To know more about Simpli5, make an appointment and visit our office.

Simpli5 – The invisible way of improving alignment

Simpli5 custom-made aligners are transparent which is one of the major benefits of this system. Unlike dental braces, this system causes no discomfort to inner cheeks or lips. Patients can maintain oral hygiene during the treatment since the trays are removable. Following are some of the cases for which our dentist recommends Simpli5.

  • To treat minor misalignment and small gaps between teeth
  • To improvise alignment in cases where the teeth have moved slightly to previous positions after an orthodontic treatment
  • To make minor rotations of teeth and improve the smile

Simpli5 invisible braces can be used only for minor corrections. Dental braces may be a better solution for moderate to severe malocclusion cases. During the first visit, our dentist performs a thorough check to find out if Simpli5 is a good option for the patient.

Simpli5 Treatment

On confirmation that Simpl5 is a good treatment option, our team takes impressions of teeth to get the aligners fabricated in the lab. The system has a series of invisible braces. Each pair should be used for about 4 weeks and exchanged with another. The aligners are designed to move the teeth gradually during the course. Patients can find changes in the smile during the treatment. We advise patients to visit our office once in 4 weeks to get the progress of treatment checked. In a span of about 4-5 months, the treatment is complete and the patient can see the result.

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