Let us give you the smile you always wanted. We specialize in beautiful smiles. Creating Beautiful Smiles Let us give you the smile you always wanted We specialize in beautiful smiles. Creating Beautiful Smiles Let us give you the smile you always wanted We specialize in beautiful smiles.



Invisible Braces Wholehearted smile spreads positive vibes and creates an active environment around the person. Wrongly shaped teeth can steal the beauty of this movement by holding back the smile from coming out. It is very disturbing when misaligned teeth suppress this wonderful gesture within oneself. Through orthodontics, one can reposition the teeth to perfect order, but to do so the patient has to accept the pain applying unattractive metal pieces over the teeth.

Orthodontic treatment has advanced in the past few years to come out with marvelous products which reshape the smile, while not coloring it with metal wires during the course. Today there are invisible braces, which hide with the color of teeth and serve the purpose of reassembling the dental structure to come out with a pleasing smile.

Types of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces differ from one another by the type of material used and the technique adopted to arrive at the result. Some invisible braces use materials which are similar to the color of the teeth while others are fit in a position where they are not visible to the outer world.

Ceramic Braces – These braces use materials which are barely visible when placed over the teeth. They are much weaker than metal braces. The time of treatment with ceramic braces is high for this reason. Since the braces are barely visible, the patient can reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment while the device remains unnoticed by most.

Lingual Braces – These braces are fit on the inside layer of teeth structure and work similar to metal braces. Since the device is positioned on the inside, they are not directly visible from the external environment. They perfectly serve the purpose of repositioning teeth without errors.

Application of invisible braces requires a thorough study of dental structure and proficiency in treating the condition. Our dental clinic, which is located in Hamden, CT, is equipped with all the necessary facilities to treat orthodontic problems with invisible braces.

What is the cost of INVISIBLE BRACES?

The cost of Invisalign depends on the severity of the patient and the duration of the treatment and on how much your dental insurance covers. If the treatment duration is less and the if you are in the need of minor orthodontic correction, then the cost will be very less.

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