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Good Oral Health

Good Oral Health

Oral Health Hamden

Most of us are susceptible to some or other dental problems. To protect ourselves from any of these dental issues it is highly important for us to maintain a good home care oral routine. Apart from these routine dental checkups and professional cleanings from your dentist is recommended.

With advancement in the field of dentistry, a wide variety of dental options that help us with our dental concerns is made easily available. Some of the available options are orthodontics that is used in aligning your teeth, tooth whitening for faded and stained tooth, crowns and bridges for broken a tooth etc.

How do you know that you are maintaining good oral hygiene?

Good oral hygiene is when your mouth looks and smells good. This is possible when your teeth are free from any debris. Your gums are strong and they do not hurt while brushing and flossing, and your breath smells fresh.

If you feel you do not match to any of these basic conditions for good oral health, then it is important that you see your dentist.

Your dentist could help you to narrow down the cause of your problem and also assist you with good oral health techniques on brushing and flossing.

How to practice good oral hygiene?

Taking care of oral hygiene is the best way you can look after your teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene not only makes you feel and look good but they also help to speak and eat properly. Apart from this good oral hygiene promotes good overall health.

Your regular brushing and flossing with a food diet routine and a regular dental visit will make sure to prevent your oral health problems.

Few simple steps that each of us can follow to greatly decrease the risk of tooth decay, Cavities, Gum disease include the following

  • Brushing thoroughly twice a day with flossing.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and minimize the in between snacking.
  • Rinse your mouth for fresh breath. Try using fluoridated toothpaste.

Some proper brushing tips:

  • Place your toothbrush at 45-degree angle along your gum line. Move your toothbrush in a back and forth motion, and repeat it for each tooth.
  • Make sure that you brush the inside surface of each of your tooth, using the same above-mentioned technique.
  • Brush the chewing surface of your tooth.
  • Also, make sure to brush your tongue regularly to remove odor causing bacteria

Some proper Flossing tips:

  • Pull out 18-24 inches of dental floss from your floss dispenser.
  • Wrap floss around your index and middle fingers.
  • Hold your floss tightly around each tooth in a C shape; move the floss back and forth in a push-pull motion.

We are here to help:

If you are located in Hamden or any other neighboring community and would like to know more about oral health and hygiene. Talk to our dentist Dr. Ross Kaplan and his team they will surely assist you with your queries.

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