Emergency Dentistry in North Haven CTDental emergencies are unpleasant situations during which a person requires immediate dental care. The problem can be a toothache, tooth loss, fallen/broken dental restoration or damaged oral appliance but the consequences may have a long-lasting impact on oral health. This is why we give high importance to offering swift dental treatment to patients during dental emergencies. Our dentist, Dr. Kaplan, is associated with many families in Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire, Wallingford CT and surrounding communities, taking care of their dental health for several years now. Our emergency dental care has helped us win the trust of our patients who completely rely on us for their dental needs.

How to handle a dental emergency?

An emergency dental condition can be painful, unpleasant and it can lead to temporary or permanent loss of valuable hard or soft tissues of an oral cavity. The first and foremost caution when a person faces a dental emergency is to not panic. Fear cannot help a person get the necessary first aid during an emergency. There are few steps which should be taken immediately during a dental emergency.


A Toothache may occur when dental caries extends deep till the root of the tooth. Infection or inflammation of tooth pulp can lead to tooth sensitivity and pain. It is important for a person to visit our dentist when he/she has a toothache. This is necessary to treat the infection and to protect the tooth. Patients can use pain medicines to temporarily relieve pain. Our treatment ensures that the infection is taken care of and the problem does not reoccur.

Knocked out tooth

A tooth that is knocked out during an accident can be protected if it is put back in the socket within an hour. Without disturbing the root, the tooth should be gently cleaned to clear dust particles. The patient can try and put the tooth back in place. If it does not work, the tooth can be kept in the vestibule and the patient should visit the dentist at the earliest. A container of milk can also be used to preserve the tooth before visiting the emergency dentist.

Fallen crown

A fallen crown can cause tooth pain. The Patient can apply clove oil over the tooth to reduce pain. The crown can be put back in place before visiting the dentist. This condition may require immediate dental care since the natural tooth which is reduced in size can be more sensitive compared to other teeth.

Broken tooth

When a tooth is broken, the patient should save pieces of the tooth. Warm water can be used to rinse the mouth. If there is bleeding, gauze can be used to stop it. The patient should visit the dentist at the earliest since a crack or chip can create a way for the bacteria to reach the pulp of the tooth.

At our dental office, we take immediate steps to relieve patients from pain during a dental emergency. We perform a thorough oral examination and offer treatment such that the oral health is improved and the problem does not reoccur.

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