Dental Crowns in Cheshire and Wallingford CTAmong the various types of materials and restorations used to support the functionality of weak and damaged natural teeth, dental crowns have a special place. Made of porcelain, dental crowns can be fabricated to exact shape of a natural tooth crown. They are used for a number of applications which includes protecting tooth, enhancing its appearance, aiding biting and chewing functions and replacing a lost tooth. A crown can last for as many as 10 years when proper care is taken. With the help of this restoration, we have successfully protected teeth and improved oral health in many of our patients. We educate our patients on how to care for oral health. This has helped many patients from Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire and Wallingford to gain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns Applications

A dental crown is a cap made of gold alloy or porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal. The crown can be fixed over the natural tooth that is down-sized to make space for the restoration. This restoration is used when the tooth is weak, misshapen, has a large filling or when it is broken. A crown can be fixed over an abutment of a dental implant to replace a lost tooth.

A weak or broken tooth should be protected using a crown since it is always better to save natural tooth than to lose it. The choice of a particular type of crown depends on the tooth that is restored. Back teeth, where the more biting load is involved, may need a metal crown. Gold alloy crowns can resist tooth wear and withstand stress. Front teeth may require attractive porcelain crowns.

Dental crowns Restoration process

The process of restoring natural tooth using a dental crown involves preparation. This is done in order to make space for the placement of the cap. A numbing agent may be used to make the process painless. Different types of dental instruments are used to remove a small amount of natural tooth. Impressions of the prepared tooth is taken and an acrylic crown is prepared in our office. This acrylic temporary protects the tooth till the second visit. A permanent crown is prepared in the lab based on the impressions. During the second visit, our dentist checks for fit and bond the permanent crown over natural tooth using adhesives. Our team guides the patient on how to protect the crown and take care of oral health.

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